Perfect Gift Book

Fun Story

A fun and silly poem that will make both children and adults laugh out loud.

Modern Morals

Teaches the importance of accepting people for who they are & celebrating differences. Ideal for LGBTQ families.

Educational Content

Introduces children to colours and explores the fun connection between colours and emotions.

I Love My Auntie More Than Rainbows - Auntie + Niece
Contemporary Design

Using modern Scandinavian style illustrations, this book is great for lovers of design and hipster gifts.

All Ages

Can be enjoyed by children and their siblings from ages 0-5 years.

Quality Options

Available in softcover, hardback and PDF for all your gifting needs (and budgets).

Made with Love

A modern, fun and educational children’s book. Written and art directed by Jenna Law, illustrated by Ginny Tilby.